Transmission Repair Services in Edmonton

Transmission Repair, Rebuild, or Replacement: Which Do You Need and When?

The transmission is an essential component of your vehicle. It’s responsible for moving energy from the engine to the wheels, ultimately making the vehicle drive. Without a transmission, your vehicle simply won’t work.

When your transmission is out of commission, your mechanic will either recommend a transmission repair, a transmission rebuild, or a full replacement, and that may leave you wondering what the best course of action really is. 

Signs You Need Your Transmission Checked

Most often, your vehicle will give you some indication of issues with the transmission before it dies altogether. While some of these signs are less obvious, others are a clear indication that it’s time to schedule an appointment with Dot Transmission to have your vehicle checked. 

Give us a call if:

  • Your check engine light is on
  • Your car is shaking or grinding
  • You smell burning or see smoke when your vehicle is running
  • Your clutch drags
  • You feel a delay or a jerk when you shift gears
  • You hear grinding, clunking, whining, or humming sounds when you shift

Transmission Repair

A transmission repair is when your mechanic is able to easily fix or replace individual components of your transmission to get it working again. In most cases, this is the best course of action when transmission problems are caught early on, and typically, a repair is the least expensive course of action.

When You Might Need It

If your transmission is generally in good repair with only one or two minor components needing work or if the work needed is relatively simple, it likely only needs a repair. That said, if you’ve delayed visiting a mechanic and your transmission has been acting up for an extended period of time, you may need a transmission rebuild or a total replacement.

Transmission Rebuild

When the issue with your transmission is more serious, your mechanic may rebuild it, which entails taking it apart, inspecting and cleaning each part individually, and replacing any broken components before reassembling it. While it’s more expensive to rebuild a transmission to repair it, it’s still more cost-effective than purchasing a new one.

When You Might Need It

If your transmission needs more than a couple of minor fixes or previous repairs haven’t fixed the problem, a rebuild might be your best option. 

Transmission Replacement

When your transmission can’t be repaired or rebuilt, a replacement is your only option. This entails purchasing a new or second-hand transmission and having your mechanic install it in your vehicle.

When You Might Need It

If your transmission has been damaged beyond repair or a previous rebuild hasn’t fixed your issues, your mechanic will recommend replacing it. This is also a good option if you prefer the peace of mind that comes with having a new transmission under the hood after yours has incurred damage.

Trust Your Vehicle to Dot Transmissions

Dot Transmissions has been servicing vehicles in Edmonton for 45 years, providing reliable, honest service. Schedule a free transmission inspection for your vehicle and discover if you’re in need of a transmission repair or replacement.

We offer free towing, as well as discounts for senior citizens and fleet vehicles.

Book an appointment with us today!

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