Dot Transmissions offers quality differential repair services for Edmonton residents.

It is essential to understand what differential is and how it impacts your vehicle. The differential is responsible for sending power from the engine and transmission to the wheels. It is what makes the vehicle move and holds a great degree of importance in any vehicle.

At Dot Transmissions, we offer a range of auto repair services, with differential repair being one of them. If you ever feel the need to get your vehicle’s differential checked or wish to speak to an auto repair expert about repair, reach out to us.

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Why is the differential repair so important?

Having a proper differential is very crucial for a vehicle. A differential works with your vehicle’s transmission system to transfer power from the engine to the wheels’ axle, and it also enables your vehicle to turn. So, if the differential by any means has failed, then it will become tough to control your vehicle. A car or truck is deemed road-ready only when the differential is in top condition. Visit us to ensure your differential is good to go!

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Differential Repair for Car

Signs that your differential needs repair

Some of the most common causes of differential damage include allowing your car to spin out (when the front wheels remain on the road while the back wheels slide out), putting undue stress on your car by consistently driving too fast, and hauling above your vehicle’s allowed towing weight. Some of the symptoms of a damaged differential could be symptoms of other car issues – if you’re experiencing any of the below signs, our team will properly diagnose the root cause of the problem.

  • Tire damage
    A damaged differential causes extensive wear and tear on the tires. If the differential is not in order, then the tires are forced to spin at speeds that cause damage while cornering. If you ever notice any sort of damage sustained by your tires perplexing, give us a call and let us examine your vehicle’s differential.
  • Leaking differential oil
    Differential oil looks similar to engine oil, and one common differential-related issue is the leakage of differential oil under one of the axles. To the naked eye, it looks like a reddish fluid. If you spot it leaking from the differential, we suggest giving us a call to get it fixed before the problem worsens.
  • Difficulty with the steering wheel
    Differential is what keeps the car moving in the right direction, and when the differential is damaged, the vehicle becomes extremely hard to handle. If not fixed, this can lead to an accident, which is why we recommend getting your vehicle’s differential fixed if you ever find difficulty with the steering wheel.
  • Unusual noises
    A failed differential often produces a whining noise. Any time you hear an unusual noise from your car, then it might be time to see an auto repair expert.
  • Vibrations
    Unusual vibrations take place when the differential is broken or damaged. These vibrations primarily occur during the acceleration phase.

Signs that your differential oil is giving problems

The differential is responsible for the flow of power throughout the vehicle, making it vital. Therefore, it’s essential to keep it working smoothly at all times. The best way to do that is to keep a regular check on the differential oil. In addition, you can preserve your braking system’s effectiveness by taking some simple measures.

Give us a call if you notice the following issues:
  • If your vehicle is emitting a burning smell, there is likely some problem with the differential oil. Get it checked by a professional as soon as possible.
  • If you feel a weird vibration while driving, it might indicate a mechanical issue with the gear or differential oil. Call us for a thorough diagnosis of your vehicle’s issues.
  • If you hear strange sounds like whining, whirring, or howling.

Our differential repair services in Edmonton can take care of all your vehicle problems. Contact us today for professional repair and maintenance services. We also provide other auto repair services like clutch replacement and brake repair.

Mechanic with Client about Differential Repair

Dot Transmissions is the solution for your differential repair needs in Edmonton.

By now, you understand why a differential repair is important and what signs to look out for before repair. Give us a call or visit us at Dot Transmissions in Edmonton where we offer top-notch repair service.

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Frequently asked questions:

Generally speaking, differential fluid should be changed every 50,000km or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Eventually, the differential will fail, the gears can seize, and the rear wheels can lock up.

Using the wrong lubricant type and regularly driving in high water can cause differential failure.

Differential fluid looks like engine oil but is thicker and may be yellow in colour. However, old differential fluid can be gray or brown in colour. If you notice a puddle on the ground where your car has been parked, vibrations during a downhill drive, or grinding sounds when you turn a corner, you could have leaking differential fluid.

Technically yes, depending on the amount of fluid leaking. However, the more you ignore problems, the higher the chance of a costly repair.

The most common sign is the sound of whining or howling while turning, which increases in volume as vehicle speed increases.

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