Regular Transmission Fluid Replacement in Edmonton

The Importance of Scheduling a Regular Transmission Fluid Replacement Appointment

Your transmission is a vital part of your vehicle, and if it’s not working at optimal levels, you may be putting your vehicle—and your own safety—at risk. That’s why regular and proper transmission maintenance is so important, and that includes scheduling regular transmission fluid replacement.

In this article, we’re discussing the reason you need to ensure your transmission fluids are swapped out every 40,000 to 50,000 kilometres.

Prevent Costly Future Repairs

As mentioned above, regular transmission fluid changes are an important part of transmission maintenance. If you neglect your fluids, it could put your transmission at risk of extensive damage, which could cost a lot more money than a simple transmission fluid replacement.

Identify Potential Problems

Changing your transmission fluid provides your mechanic with a valuable opportunity to assess its health. This proactive approach can help to detect potential transmission issues early, preventing them from escalating into more costly and complex problems.

Ensure Your Vehicle is Safe

Your car’s transmission is not just a mechanical component; it’s a safety feature. A malfunctioning transmission could lead to difficulties in shifting gears or stopping your vehicle, potentially causing accidents and injuries.

Adhere to Warranty Guidelines

If your vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you’re likely to be required to adhere to a prescribed maintenance schedule that includes frequent fluid changes. Most warranties require drivers to schedule a transmission fluid replacement every 40,000 to 50,000 kilometres.

Professional Transmission Fluid Replacement in Edmonton

Keeping your transmission fluid clean and scheduling regular transmission fluid replacements can help you ensure your vehicle remains in good condition while ensuring the safety of your passengers and the validity of your warranty.

Reach out to DOT Transmissions today to schedule your transmission fluid replacement appointment. Our team of professional technicians can provide you with a free transmission inspection, honest service, and affordable rates that include free towing. Ask about our senior citizen, fleet, and wholesale discounts.

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