Transmission Replacement

Rebuild or replace your transmission? A quick guide

Is your car being fussy? Do you think you might need a new transmission but don’t know how to go about it? Is it hard for you to replace transmission fluid?

There might be a thought looming over your head on what your next steps are. Do you go ahead and replace your transmission with a new one, or do you rebuild your current one?

Are you interested in learning more? If so, continue reading for a quick guide on replacing or rebuilding your transmission!

The Option To Replace A Transmission

Choosing to replace your transmission is the most expensive option. This means that the manufacturer takes all parts that have been damaged or have worn out over time and replaces them with new parts.

The positive side is that it will be professionally done within a factory, and there will be special mechanics that know exactly what to do with your car.

This option will definitely give your car a quick fix, but you will not be able to control how it is replaced, and it might not have the most up-to-date parts.

When Should You Repair Your Transmission?

All cars will need a transmission fix at one point or another, so it is smart to know the signs when your vehicle starts to fail.

If your car has issues shifting gears, this is a red flag, and all signs should point to a problem with your transmission.

Some things to look for are issues with failing out of gear when driving or jerking while shifting gears.

If the bottom of the car is making a buzzing or clunking noise, this also means you should give your transmission a repair.

The Option To Rebuild A Transmission

The option to rebuild your transmission over replacing it is a definite money saver. If you’re looking to be cost-efficient, this is the choice for you.

In order to rebuild your transmission, you only have to worry about fixing the failing parts instead of dealing with the whole thing!

When you avoid fixing your transmission in a factory setting, you save a lot.

First, the mechanic cleans all the parts in advance to see what the issues are with the specific parts.

There will be a replacement of a new torque converter and solenoids.

The parts that will most likely need fixing are the seals, gaskets, clutch, and bands.

It is important to have working solenoids because this part directs transmission fluid into the valve body, engaging the correct gear. If one of the valves breaks, then it can cause the transmission to be faulty.

When rebuilding your transmission, you’ll want to find a transmission specialist to help you. Just remember that this process might take longer than a replacement.

A Final Decision

Whether you decide to replace transmission parts as a whole or rebuild them, this guide will help point you in the right direction.

Before you go ahead and choose your option, make sure to do as much research as possible on your transmission to get the most successful result. Also, look into what your wants and needs are? Are you looking to save on cost or time? Contact us for advice on your transmission issues.

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