How to keep your transmission running smoothly

Most people don’t think about their transmission until they start to experience problems. But neglecting to get transmission service checks on a regular basis could result in serious damage to your vehicle. If you think you may be experiencing transmission issues, the CAA-certified transmission service offered by Dot Transmissions in Edmonton, with over 40 years of transmission repair experience, can help you detect and resolve a variety of vehicle problems. Below are some tips on proper transmission maintenance and service.

Don’t Neglect Regular Transmission Checkups

It may seem obvious, but this is possibly the worst culprit when it comes to transmission problems and repair costs. Though transmissions don’t need constant maintenance, regular routine check-ups are recommended for all vehicles to prevent future deterioration and costly repair bills. Most experts agree that you should get your transmission checked and tuned every 48,000 to 95,000 kilometers, or about every two to five years, depending on variables such as driving conditions and annual mileage. A quick monthly inspection between these visits to check for unusual sounds, leaks and fluid levels, will keep your transmission humming and running smoothly.

Consequences of Ignoring a Transmission That’s Overheating

When a vehicle overheats, and that yellow or red warning on your dashboard lights up, it’s a sure sign your transmission needs immediate attention. Ignoring this warning will likely lead to high fluid temperatures, and inevitably destroy the transmission itself. An estimated 90% of transmission breakdowns and failures are caused by excessive overheating.

The Importance of Topping and Replacing Fluids

Running a vehicle low on transmission fluid is yet another huge culprit when it comes to transmission breakdowns. Your transmission depends on and needs optimal levels of fluid to lubricate its many parts. Fluids also act as a coolant and provide the hydraulic fluid pressure necessary for the smooth functioning of your transmission. Along with running low on fluid, choosing the wrong transmission fluid for your vehicle could be just as disastrous. Always verify your transmission fluid requirements as various types have differing viscosity levels and additives that affect the transmission’s proper cooling and lubrication.

When’s the Last Time You Checked Your Transmission?

If you draw a blank trying to answer this question, then it might just be time for you to schedule an appointment, and a reputable place to do so is at Dot Transmissions, where skilled technicians have been providing certified transmission service in Edmonton for over forty years and counting. We’re

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