Five major signs you need a brake repair

Five major signs you need a brake repair

Worried your brakes might need to be replaced but aren’t sure how to tell? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! There are a few telltale signs that your brakes need to be replaced, and we’ll walk you through when you should bring your car in for brake repair in Edmonton.

1. Squeaking Sounds

If you hear high-pitched squeaking sounds when you brake, it could mean that one or both of the brake pads have worn down. The squealing happens when the metal underneath the pads is rubbing against the rotor.

This should be looked at right away. Otherwise, it can lead to irreparable damage to your rotors and result in extra expenses for repairs.

2. Vibrating

When you are braking and you feel a vibration, chances are there’s a problem with your rotors.

When vibration occurs, typically, it is the result of warped rotors that prevents the brakes from smoothly travelling across its surface. This is an issue where the existing part can’t be repaired, and you will likely need to replace your rotors from a professional and reputable brake repair shop in Edmonton.

3. Abs Light Turned On

ABS stands for Antilock Braking System. When this light is on, it means there is something wrong with your brake system, resulting in problematic attempts at stopping your car.

Sometimes this light will turn on when you hit a bit of ice, but if you notice this light is turned on for no explainable reason, you should head to our auto shop for an inspection.

4. Soft Pedal

If you ever push your brake and it ends up going straight to the floor before it does anything when that’s not how it typically behaves, you need to bring your car into the shop.

When this occurs, your brake system likely has a leak from fluid or water and not getting this repaired properly can cause severe damage.

5. Veering To The Side

When you brake, and your car starts going to the left or right, you’ve got a big mechanical and safety issue on your hands.

Most likely, your vehicle’s capillary is corroded and is causing it to freeze up, which is making your vehicle veer to one or both sides.

Brake Repair In Edmonton

Proper care and regular maintenance of your brakes can help save you money in the future by detecting these five issues before they occur. Be sure to stick to your regular maintenance schedule that’s recommended for your vehicle’s make, model, and age to avoid any potential issues.

If you need advice on potential brake repairs or other car issues, give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

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