5 questions to ask your auto repair shop

5 questions to ask your auto repair shop

With more than 24,000 auto mechanic businesses with employees in Canada, you’d assume finding the best one is easy, yet it’s not.

Most of these businesses lack competent mechanics and end up delivering inferior services. Besides, most auto repair shops now care more about making money than serving their clients. That’s why they spend huge amounts of money on marketing and neglect employee training and development.

The trick to finding the best auto repair shop is by learning the right questions to ask.

To help you out, here are five questions to ask your auto repair shop.

1. Are Your Employees Professionally Trained?

You understand that it’s dangerous to undertake brake repair yourself, and that is why you’re taking your vehicle to an auto repair shop. That’s why you strive to find an auto repair shop with highly trained employees. You want to find mechanics who’ll deliver quality brake repair services that meet your needs.

To get this information ask your auto repair shop for evidence on its employees’ credentials. You want to choose an auto shop such as Dot Transmissions that’s straightforward when providing this information.

2. How Long Has Your Auto Repair Shop Been Around?

To increase the odds of receiving quality car repair services, look for a company that has been operational for several years. You want a company with in-depth knowledge of customers’ needs, wants, and preferences. So, you can trust this firm to provide services such as differential repair that meets your needs.

3. Do You Offer Written Warranties?

You’re right to be worried about what happens if you face brake problems a few days later, seeking brake repair services. That’s why you should find out if the auto repair shop you plan to choose offers written warranties. Be wary of dealing with auto mechanics who aren’t willing to stand by their work by offering a warranty.

4. Do You Provide Prioritized Services?

One of the concerns when taking your car to an auto shop is how long it’ll take to get it back. You want it repaired as quickly as possible as you depend on it for your daily commuting. That’s why you should find out whether your auto repair shop offers prioritized vehicle repair services.

You want to know whether you can have your car repaired quickly to get it back soon.

5. Are Your Prices Competitive?

Cost is the other obvious thing to check when seeking motor repair services. Yet, it’s a mistake to go for an auto shop with the cheapest rates as most of them offer inferior services. That’s why you should go for an auto repair shop that offers quality services at competitive rates.

Get Value by Choosing the Top Auto Repair Shop in Edmonton
To enjoy amazing services, you should strive to find the top auto repair shop in Edmonton. Your goal is to find an auto shop with a professionally trained staff that has been in this field for many years. Also, look for a car repair shop that charges competitive rates.

Reach out to Dot Transmissions for amazing auto repair services at affordable rates.

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